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City of Plymouth ASA
Lamb's Trophy Water polo Tournament, HMS Raleigh
Saturday 26th November 2016- 1100 to 1600


Match order and Results

1. Devonport Royal  9          v          Royal Navy   9

2. Barnstaple            4          v          Newquay       7

3. Devonport Royal  8          v          Barnstaple     9

4. Royal Navy           5          v          Newquay       14

5. Devonport Royal  5          v          Newquay       12

6. Royal Navy           8          v          Barnstaple     16


Goals Tally


Devonport Royal



Royal Navy

Goals For

Goals Against

Devonport Royal





















Royal Navy








Points Totals

Win=2  Draw=1 Lose=0

Barnstaple     4
Devonport     1
Newquay       6
Royal Navy   1


Tournament Winners                    Newquay (left).
Runners Up                     Barnstaple

Player of match

City of Plymouth ASA Player of the Tournament      Zane Ridge (Devonport) - right.


Presentations by Esther Rookes (C.O.P. 2016-2017 Chairman (Tavistock)

Lamb's Trophy 2016 Report

Having been escorted to the pool at HMS Raleigh, the teams got their trunks on and prepared for the tournament ahead.

The first match was Devonport Royal vs the Royal Navy team, and the RN team went out hard and scored the first two goals. However Devonport picked themselves up and managed to draw back level with the Navy, and as the Navy began to tire in the second half Devonport pushed ahead to lead 8-5. After a few words from coach and a series of major fouls by Devonport the Navy team managed to score the final goal in the last minute to draw 9-9.

Up next were Newquay and Barnstaple each with only one substitute a piece, the game was frantic from the off with two major fouls in the first two minutes; although neither side managed to make the most of the extra player. It was Barnstaple that scored the first and second goals, before another major foul allowed Newquay to get onto the score board. The game was neck and neck from this point on with each team drawing level and then acceding a goal, although it wasn't until just before the end of the third quarter that Newquay managed to pull ahead. Unfortunately for Barnstaple a few silly mistakes led to them giving away two penalties in the final quarter after which they never quite recovered, leaving the final score 4-7 to Newquay.

Barnstaple were straight back on to play Devonport for the third match, which was to be another close fixture. Barnstaple scored the first goal and Devonport weren't far behind, again the goals  seemed to come from one side and then the other. Although Devonport did take the lead at the end of the first quarter, Barnstaple had managed to get the score back even by the end of the second quarter.
In the third quarter Barnstaple upped their game and had a three goal advantage by the end however Devonport were not going down without a fight, and Barnstaple were beginning to flag. In the last minute of the game it looked as though Devonport had managed another draw, but with only seconds to go Barnstaple's James Baker managed to sneak a goal in, making the final score 8-9 to Barnstaple.

The Navy and Newquay were in the pool for the next match, and by the end of the first quarter the game seemed quite even with only a one goal difference, despite the Navy giving away an early penalty. The second quarter however set the two teams apart with Newquay really taking the lead ending the second quarter 3-8. Unfortunately for the Navy they never really recovered from that point on, although in the last few minutes they made a final push scoring the last two goals to make the final score 5-14 to Newquay.

This time it is was Newquay's turn to get straight back in the pool, now against Devonport; as Devonport knew they could no longer win the tournament the decision was made to give some of their younger players some experience against a senior team. With a slow start from Devonport they finally managed to get their first goal in the second quarter and from then on worked steadily to try to keep the score low and get the goals in the back of the net, unfortunately they never recovered from the first four goals scored by Newquay in the first quarter, and the final score was 5-12 to Newquay.

For the final match Barnstaple saw there only substitute playing for the Navy team, but they didn't let that bother them, and with the Navy giving away an early penalty they took the lead from the off set. The Navy did manage to level the score but by the end of the first quarter the score was 1-3 to Barnstaple, a position from which the Navy never recovered. Acceding a major foul and then a penalty at the beginning of the final quarter did not help the Navy's position, and in the final minutes Barnstaple scored the final two goals of the tournament to make the score 8-16 to Barnstaple.

By Caitlin O'Malley




Lamb Trophy

City of Plymouth ASA
Lamb's Trophy Water polo Tournament, HMS Raleigh
Saturday 28th November 2015- 1100 to 1600


Match order and Results

1. Devonport A           5          v          Royal Navy     3

2. Barnstaple              4          v          Newquay         5

3. Devonport B          1          v          Devonport A   12

4. Royal Navy             7          v          Barnstaple       3

5. Newquay               9          v          Devonport B   4

6. Devonport A         4          v          Barnstaple       1

7. Royal Navy             2          v          Newquay         8

8. Devonport B          2          v          Barnstaple       9

9. Devonport A         5          v          Newquay         6

10. Royal Navy          8          v          Devonport B   3

Goals Tally


Devonport Royal A



Royal Navy

Devonport B

Goals For

Goals Against

Devonport Royal A
























Royal Navy








Royal B








NewquayNewquay Captain

Player of match

Pictures by Caitlin O'Malley


Lamb's Trophy 2015 Report


After a bit of trouble getting all the players through HMS Raleigh gate, and escorted to the pool it was time to begin the Lamb's Trophy Water polo tournament 2015.


The first match Devonport Royal A versus the Royal Navy, and within the first 30 secs the Navy acceded a major foul, leaving Devonport the perfect opportunity to score their first goal. After Devonport scored another goal the Navy pulled their trunks up and managed to slip a goal past Devonport's keeper. The match followed with each team taking it in turns to score. Final score 5-3 to Devonport.


Second match Barnstaple v Newquay and Barnstaple went out a little too hard acceding two major fouls in the first two minutes, although Newquay only managed to score off the latter. After letting another goal in, Barnstaple fought back to bring the score back even, and from then on each team took it in turns to score and get sent out, although Newquay managed to score the final and winning goal to make the score 4-5 to Newquay at the final whistle.


The third match was between Devonport Royal A and a mix of Devonport and Navy players (and coach) to make up another team, Devonport B team. Unfortunately Devonport B team turned out to be just that and despite a valiant effort they only managed to get one goal past the more experienced Devonport A team. Final score 12-1 to Devonport Royal A.


Having only seven players and losing one of them to the Navy for the fourth match, Barnstaple managed to borrow a couple of players from Newquay. Although when their goalie got sent out at the beginning of the match it allowed the Navy to get ahead from the start. Up to the half time whistle each team scored one after the other; after that Barnstaple allowed Steve Winterbach one of the RN's South African players to dominate the game and score four goals in this half with them only managing to score one more. Final score 7-3 to the Royal Navy.


Fifth match Newquay v Devonport B, and Devonport B put up a much more convincing performance, for although they did concede the first goal they soon brought the score back level before Newquay got themselves together and scored a further four goals before half time. From then on it was evident that Newquay were going to take the win, but Devonport B refused to give up and put three goals past the Newquay keeper before the final whistle. Final score 9-4 to Newquay.


In the sixth match Barnstaple felt the lack of a substitute against a full Devonport A team, however they managed to make Devonport work for every goal, and would have done much better if they'd managed to keep seven players in the water, as Devonport A took advantage of every man up possession presented to them. Final score 4-1 to Devonport A.


The first minute of the seventh game obviously put the RN team too much at ease for although they scored the first goal against Newquay that only proved to wake them up, and they retaliated with four in return before half time. The second half didn't prove much better for the RN, again they managed to get the ball past Newquay's keeper , and again Newquay retaliated with another four, one a penalty given away in the last minute. Final score 8-2 to Newquay.


Barnstaple's final match, and determined not to go home without a win they went out hard and scored their first two goals against Devonport B in the first two mins. However their goalie Mark Edmonds obviously didn't want to make it too easy, managing to fumble the ball and score an own goal just before the half time whistle, meaning Barnstaple were only one goal ahead. Quickly changing goalies at half time Barnstaple managed to steadily increase their lead throughout the second half, with even their goalie D Taverner heaving the ball all the way across the pool in the last 30 seconds to score the final goal of the match. Final score 9-2 to Barnstaple.


The ninth and the deciding match of the tournament, Devonport A v Newquay. Tensions were running high, and the first major foul was acceded by Newquay in the first minute giving Devonport the chance to score the first goal. It took Newquay a while to get back together but once they did they scored two goals before Devonport could retaliate. The last minute of the first half and Devonport's J Bowden was sent out giving Newquay another chance to score, making it 2-3 to Newquay at half time.

The second half and Newquay again didn't give Devonport A chance to get their heads out of the water before B May put the ball in the back of the net. However a penalty against Newquay's goal keeper T Hogg allowed Devonport to get the trophy back in sight. The match continued with Devonport playing catch up and Newquay just managing to keep the the lead. Although things looked a little unsure towards the end as Devonport's A Williams scored just before the last minute, however it wasn't to be and Newquay won the match and thus the tournament 6 goals to 5.


The final match, Royal Navy v Devonport B and at the beginning of the first half it looked like the Navy had it in the bag but Devonport B took charge of themselves and then looked like they were determined to end the tournament with at least one win under their belt. End of the second half score 2-3 to the Navy. However the RN team were obviously given a talking to at half time and they dominated the second half only allowing Devonport B to slip only one goal past, and with a series of major fouls against Devonport the final score was 8-3 to the Royal Navy.


Thanks to Roger Bossom, Rhys Tamlyn, Ian Mair, James Gardiner, Martin Purchase, Tom Bossom and Tom Foreman for all volunteering their services as referees.


Caitlin O'Malley

Hon. Water Polo Secretary



C.O.P. Water Polo @ HMS Raleigh on 29 Nov 2014

Winning team - Devonport Royal

Winning team - Devonport

Runners up - Barnstaple

Winning team - Devonport

Winner of the Bill Baker trophy for Player of the Tournament - James Bowden (Devonport Royal)

Player of Tournament - James Bowden

Unfortunately the Royal Navy didn’t quite have enough players to host a team so in the friendly spirit of the tournament Barnstaple lent them a player for the goal, and they dragged me in from the table. Thankfully Roger Bosom (of Devonport) had obviously had a premonition in this area and had brought reinforcements in the form of Mr. Wilson, and Mrs Sally Davies also lent a hand to make sure the match ran smoothly.


It was obvious from the start that the lack of substitutes and having a girl on the team was going to take its toll on the Navy team. Devonport went straight in hard, shocking the Navy into submission with the score at the end of the first quarter 3-0 to Devonport. The Navy finally got themselves together in the second quarter with both teams scoring two goals. With the Navy tiring in the third quarter Devonport took no prisoners with the Navy only managing to sneak one goal past the Devonport keeper, where the swimming speed of Devonport showed through scoring a further six goals this quarter.

The Navy worked hard in the final quarter however it wasn’t enough to make back the eight goal lead that Devonport had accumulated, with another goal apiece in the final quarter the final score was 12-4.


The second match was a nail biting game right to the last second. Barnstaple had also only just managed to get a team together, as many had decided to take advantage of the good weather and go surfing, so they had no substitutes, compared to Devonport’s three. However Barnstaple didn’t let that deter them. Again Devonport went out hard scoring the first two goals, however Barnstaple rebounded before the end of the quarter to make the score 2-1 to Devonport. The second quarter started in a similar manner with Devonport scoring the first goal however Barnstaple made a convincing comeback half way through the quarter managing to score three goals before the whistle, pulling them into the lead with the score now 3-4.

The third quarter started badly for Barnstaple with Josh Simpson managing to give away two major fouls in the first minute and a half, the second of which was a penalty, scored by James Bowdon of Devonport making the score even. James Bowdon then went on to score another goal before Barnstaple pulled their trunks back up to score another two goals before the end of the quarter. Score now 5-6.

The last quarter really got everyone on the edge of their seats, Barnstaple scored the first goal putting them another goal clear. However it was obvious that Devonport weren’t done yet, and they gradually wore Barnstaple down until the score in the last minute was even at 7-7. With thirty seconds to go both teams were playing hard. A little too hard in Barnstaple’s case as a major foul put them in a man down situation. Devonport took good advantage of having an extra man, and managed to sneak the ball past the goalie with 15 seconds to spare. Final score 8-7 to Devonport.


The final match was Royal Navy v Barnstaple. The match started with a bit of déjà vu for the Navy team with Barnstaple scoring 3 goals in the first quarter to the Navy‘s none. Again the Navy managed to get themselves into the game in the second quarter although Barnstaple continued to dominate, score at the end of the second quarter 6-2 to Barnstaple. The third quarter and the Navy finally managed to find some weaknesses in the Barnstaple defence allowing them to score four goals, however this didn’t prevent Barnstaple remaining on the offensive as they still managed to sneak three goals past the keeper. Score 9-6. The final quarter played back into Barnstaple’s hand with a tiring Navy team, both teams managed to exchange goals throughout the quarter until Barnstaple scored an extra goal at the end of the quarter. Final score 13-8 to Barnstaple.


Thank you to the referees Roger Bosom, and Bill Baker, to Mr Gary Wilson and Mrs Sally Davies for helping with the table and Mr. Richard Davies for taking photographs.


Caitlin O'Malley

Hon.Water Polo Secretary


C.O.P. Water Polo @ HMS Raleigh on 31 Nov 2013.

Winners: Devonport Royal
Runners up: Paignton
Player of the Match: Alex Wilson (Devonport Royal)


2011-2012 - no gallery


Winners Barnstaple

2009 - competition cancelled


Winners Runners up