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The Annual Awards Evening at the Plymouth Civic Centre will take place after the Galas completion.

Our Patron, the Lord Mayor of Plymouth will award the following:

Age group achievement awards

Junior Boys and Girls (9 and 10)
Intermediate Boys and Girls (11 to 13)
Youth Boys and Girls (14 to 16)
Senior Boys and Girls (17+)

Disability award

The above awards are yours to keep

Lord Mayors Parlour presentation

The Lord Mayors Salvers

Perpetual Challenge Trophies
Generously donated by Councillor Vivien Pengelly in 2013 when she was our Patron and Lord Mayor of Plymouth.

Awarded to the Top Performing Boy and Girl swimmers over the whole gala.
They are held for one year but you do have a miniature to keep.  


Leaze Shield

The Leaze Shield is awarded in recognition of endevour and excellance. Nominations are invited from the clubs within the City Of Plymouth group for deserving candidates. The Chairman will then decide who receives the award.


Picture requests

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You are free to use photographs as required for publicity but please credit with 'picture by Richard Davies' - Thankyou.

Presentation Evening 21 Nov 2019

(awards for 2019 championships) - Presentations by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth Councillor Sam Davey, the Lady Mayoress Mrs Dianne Ball and David Ellis (C.O.P Chairman 2019-2020)

Group winners



Boys - Charlie Lawrence (DRSA)

Girls - Dixie Turner-Moore (PL)



Boys - Thomas Bennett (PL)

Girls - Kaia-Lily Perkins (PL)



Boys - Jason Bott (RNRM)

Girls - Ella D'Cunha (Din)



Boys - Dylan Chua (PL)

Girls - Laura Dolton (PL)



Abi Daly (DRSA)


Top Boy - Charlie Laurence (DRSA)

Top Girl - Kaia-Lily Perkins (PL)


Leeze Shield

Rachel Hutchinson (PL)

Pictures by Richard Davies

Presentation Evening 29 Nov 2018

(awards for 2018 championships) - Presentations by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth Councillor Sam Davey and Mel Jeynes (C.O.P Chairman 2018-2019)




Boys - Austin Ransom (Mount Kelly)

Girls - Lacey Roberts (Devonport)



Boys - Panagiotis Angelakis (Plymouth Leander)

Girls - Niamh Hutchinson (Plymouth Leander)



Boys - Rees Stewart (Caradin)

Girls - Diane Huellou (Plymouth Leander)



Boys - Alex Raw (Plymouth Leander)

Girls - Isobel Aspen (Caradon)


Disability Acheivement Award

Xander Harris (Devonport)


Top Boy - Alex Raw (Plymouth Leander)

Top Girl - DIane Huellou (Plymouth Leander)


Leaze Shield - Diego Walker (RNRM)


Pictures by Richard Davies

Presentation Evening 29 Nov 2017

(awards for 2017 championships) - Presentations by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth Councillor Wendy Foster and Paul Russell (C.O.P Chairman)

The wiinners

2017 Winners

Junior Boy - Alexander Grenardo (Plymouth Leander)

Junior Girl - Holly Tremayne (Plymouth Leander)

Intermediate Boy - Arjun Shrestha (Caradon)

Intermediate Girl - Shamiso Matonhodze (Mount Kelly)

Youth Boy - Jackson Spry (Caradon)

Youth Girl - Lily McGowan (Caradon) and Sarah Teague (Tavistock) - Joint winners

Senior Boy - Joseph Brady (Devonport)

Senior Girl - Laura Shaw (Plymouth Leander)

Top Boy - Jackson Spry (Caradon)

Top Girl - Lily McGowan (Caradon) and Sarah Teague (Tavistock) - Joint winners

Leaze Shield - Esther Rookes (Tavistock)

Presentation Evening 21 Feb 2017

(awards for 2016 championships)


2016 Winners

Junior Boy - Harry Morgan-Huges (Dinnaton)

Junior Girl - Millie Andrews (PLSA) and Alice Chapman (Dinnaton) - joint winners

Intermediate Boy - Alfie Morgon (Tavistock)

Intermediate Girl - Sarah Teague (Tavistock)

Youth Boy - Ben Suckling (Caradon)

Youth Girl - Megan Cragg (PLSA)

Senior Boy - George Morgan (Tavistock)

Senior Girl - Laura Shaw (PLSA)

Top Boy - Arjun Shrestha (Caradon)

Top Girl - Morgan Cragg (PLSA)

Disability - Junior (Alex Hobbs - Tavistock) - Senior (Annalise Burgess - PLSA)


Presentation Evening - 16 Nov 2015

presentation evening

2015 Winners

Junior Girls - Eva Cragg (PL)

Junior Boys - Finn Washburn (PL)

Intermediate Girls - Holly Steer (Dinn)

Intermediate Boys - Reid Jones (Dinn)

Youth Girls - Sydney Wood (PL)

Youth Boys - Edward Smart (PL)

Senior Girls - Emma Noyce (KSC)

Senior Boys - Conor Andrews (PL)

Disability - Matt Clowes (CSC)

Top Girl - Holly Steer (Dinn)

Top Boy - Ben Cusack (KSC)

Leaze Shield - Mel Jeynes (KSC)


BAGCATS (last presented 2014)



Winners 2014

The BAGCAT presentations for 2014 took place at the Civic Centre Plymouth on 13th Jan 2015 at 1800. Presentations made by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth Councilor Michael Robert Fox.

The winners were :

Finn Washburn (Plymouth Leander)

David O’ Loughlin (Plymouth Leander)

Oliver Smart (Plymouth Leander)

Dominic Dodds (Dinnaton)

Jacob Newcombe (Mount Kelly)

Nathan Linden (Plymouth Leander)

Libby Wright (Plymouth Leander)

Oriana Noel (Plymouth Leander)

Rebecca Carpenter (Mount Kelly)

Kaylee Dekker (Mount Kelly)

Sydney Wood (Plymouth Leander)


BAGCAT winners 2013






Bagcat winners 2009

Kelly CollegeDinnatonPlymouth Leander



Kelly CollegeLaura Lamb - DinnatonPlymouth Leander