Swimmers in the distanceSwimmers in the distance Looks like a Nice dayLooks like a Nice day Steve CottamSteve Cottam Steve Cottam 2Steve Cottam 2 Steve Cottam 3Steve Cottam 3 Time keepers heading for shoreTime keepers heading for shore Tony Antliff - last homeTony Antliff - last home Steve Cottam - 1st homeSteve Cottam - 1st home Caitlin O'Malley - 2nd homeCaitlin O'Malley - 2nd home Elizabeth Vernon - 3rd HomeElizabeth Vernon - 3rd Home Neil Brinkworth in the distanceNeil Brinkworth in the distance Neil Brinkworth enlargedNeil Brinkworth enlarged Neil Brinkworth 2Neil Brinkworth 2 Neil Brinkworth 2 enlargedNeil Brinkworth 2 enlarged Neil Brinkworth - 4th homeNeil Brinkworth - 4th home Tony Antliff somewhereTony Antliff somewhere Tony AntliffTony Antliff Thanks for your help to Mountbatten Canoe ClubThanks for your help to Mountbatten Canoe Club Diego Walker before presentations beginDiego Walker before presentations begin 1st - 1st Male - Steve Cottam1st - 1st Male - Steve Cottam 2nd - 1st Lady - Caitlin O'Malley2nd - 1st Lady - Caitlin O'Malley 3rd - 2nd Lady - Elizabeth Vernon3rd - 2nd Lady - Elizabeth Vernon 4th - 2nd Man - Neil Brinkworth4th - 2nd Man - Neil Brinkworth 5th - 3rd Male - Tony Antliff5th - 3rd Male - Tony Antliff image gallery in lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1