Enjoying the cruise to the start lineEnjoying the cruise to the start line Nearly there - had to wait an hour for some ships to go past!Nearly there - had to wait an hour for some ships to go past! Safety boats getting readySafety boats getting ready A bit rough!A bit rough! On your marks!On your marks! GO.....GO..... Darren Green in action
Darren Green in action
1st Home - Darren Green (1st Man)1st Home - Darren Green (1st Man) Marisa Schubert in actionMarisa Schubert in action 2nd Home - Marisa Schubert (1st Lady)2nd Home - Marisa Schubert (1st Lady) Edward Gilbertson in actionEdward Gilbertson in action 3rd home - Edward Gilbertson (2nd man)
3rd home - Edward Gilbertson (2nd man)
Safety boat pleased!Safety boat pleased! 4th - Elizabeth Vernon (2nd lady)4th - Elizabeth Vernon (2nd lady) Neil Brinkworth in actionNeil Brinkworth in action 5th Home - Neil Brinkworth5th Home - Neil Brinkworth Pete Redbourne in actionPete Redbourne in action 6th home - Pete Redbourne6th home - Pete Redbourne 7th home - Anthony Antliff7th home - Anthony Antliff Presentaions shortly - missing Pete RedbournePresentaions shortly - missing Pete Redbourne (7) Anthony Antliff(7) Anthony Antliff (5) Neil Brinkworth(5) Neil Brinkworth (4) Elizabeth Vernon (2nd Lady)(4) Elizabeth Vernon (2nd Lady) (3) Edward Gilbertson (2nd Man)(3) Edward Gilbertson (2nd Man) (2) Marisa Shubert (1st Lady)(2) Marisa Shubert (1st Lady) (1) Darren Green - 1st Man(1) Darren Green - 1st Man image gallery in lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1